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The 6th annual celebration of the life of Judge Trev will kick off next year's shows. He was, with ex-Hawkwind's Nik Turner, a founding member of the band Inner City Unit. Trev is much missed here on the Brighton scene, and on the UK festival scene where he played extensively around the country. Tonight's gig will feature his old band Inner City Unit re-uniting again for the Judge Trev 5th memorial gig, and will feature bands and artists who Judge Trev either played with or supported.

The preceeding act will be Krankschaft. Not many bands in their prime can lay claim to a 30 year history, but Krankschaft are currently in that position. Following the release of "Three" the bands fourth album, but first as a trio Krankschaft are turning heads with their incendiary mix of psychedelic wig outs, pop songs and no frills power trio telepathy. Three lost boys from the depths of the 70's transported into our dystopian present yearning for the future promised in their past. This is the sound of the spheres, time travel for the ears, close your eyes and come fly with us. Expect humour, great tunes, high energy and a complete disgregard for cool. Hrankschaft are Steve Pond vocals, guitar, ex Enid Alex Tsentides on bass and backing vocals and Kevin Walker drums.

Meri Everett is an entertaining and talented live performer. She is a prolific songwriter combining forward thinking, honest lyrics with both rock riffs and folk melodies. Her powerful voice has a great depth and range, complimenting her unique guitar style. She's not a girlie songstress, she's a seriously captivating, intelligent artist who seeks to touch hearts and create value with her music. Meri is currently based in Leicester and won 1st place in the 2009 Leicestershire sunflower songwriting competition, more recording time and the opening show at 'The Big Session' folk festival. Meri's music is available for download on Bandcamp. She has also had the track 'Lonely' remixed by UK hardcore legend DJ Sy which hit No.2 in the UK Hardcore charts and was played on BBC Radio 1. Meri is also in a post grunge band - Flying Kangaroo Alliance, where her songs are given the distorted rock treatment, wild abandon and solid backing they deserve. FKA's 1st vinyl single release Hit the Wall/Wasted released Aug 2013

Openeing the evening we have Gregg & Kev Trev's old musical pals Gregg McKella and Kev Ellis are getting together again for a Trev inspired set of acoustic numbers.

Aside of Inner City Unit, Judge Trev played with Kev as 'Trev & Kev' (with Gregg occasionally making up as the third member of this space country and doom folk duet). They will play tracks from Judge Trev's God & Man album and some Trev written ICU classics.

They always invite some special guests who have included Martin Litmus, Dino Ferari, Steve Pond, Si Deards, Mark Reiser RIP, Tyrone Thomas, Wayne Collyer, Richard Lanchester, Matthew Wright and Kozmik Ken (with a buckets on their heads) and of course Nik Turner…

Expect special guests and banter!

A great way to kick off the new year. 6pm start so get there early


28th January 2017, 6pm

The Brunswick,1-3 Holland Road, Hove, East Sussex. BN3 1JF.

Tickets are available at Resident Records or We Got Tickets.


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