Our Next Show

The June show at The Brunswick is headed byTrim Tab Jim. They first made an impression with teh acclaimed rock opera, 'The Reincarnation Of Trim Tab Jim' which was performed at the Brighton Fringe and the imposing Union Chapel in Islington. This time around they will be previewing the songs from the second part of this trilogy as well as (possibly) a silly song about the Special Relationship, an angry song about Simon Cowell, a haunting song about an astronaut who had a bad dream and a disco song about Brexit.

We also have, in the middle slot, The Jeanette Murphy Band . Jeanette has performed for teh Real Music Club before as a solo artist but this time around she brings a a band. The 'Jeanette Murphy Band' - JMB came together to record the album and have been playing together ever since in venues and at festivals around the UK. JMB are music lovers with a broad range of influences and one of a few bands around today that openly embrace an eclectic mix of genres. Steve Gee (Landmarq) on bass and double bass, Paul Haydon Drums & Cajon and the dexterous Tyrone Thomas (Paradise 9/SpaceDogs/ex-Alternative T.V.) on acoustic and lead Guitars.

Gwenifer Raymond is making her debut performance for The Real Music Club. She plays "Sparse American primitive instrumentals drawn from the roots music of Mississippi and Appalachia" on guitar. Influenced by the likes of Skip James, John Fahey, Roscoe Holcomb and John Hurt. Her playing and compositions are absolutely spellbinding!

A diverse and electic evening of music.


23rd June 2017, 8pm

The Brunswick,1-3 Holland Road, Hove, East Sussex. BN3 1JF.

Tickets are available at Resident Records or The Brunswick.

or We Got Tickets.


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