Our Next Show

Crayola Lectern's Chris Anderson finally hatched out of his eggy shell in 2013 to bring the world his sublime double album debut 'The Fall and Rise of Crayola Lectern' after years of musical adventures. Starting as a duo with ex-Cardiacs multi-instrumentalist Random Jon Poole before completing the musical triangle with Al Strachan's brass skills. Crayola Lectern's piano orientated songs form a unique musical world all of its own, in thrall to nobody. Best described as "what psychedelic music would have sounded like had the Edwardians invented it".

Brighton legend and psychedelic troubadour Dr Spacetoad returns with his poetic songs and promises to be joined by special guest friends for added merriment aboard the Time Machine! The Dr Spacetoad Experience were formed in the mid-90s featuring Captain Sensible and Monty Oxymoron of The Damned, recording 'Time Machine' and 'Venusian' mixing Spacetoad's poetic words with an English eccentricity and the psychedelia of the late 60s / early 70s underground scenes. Spacetoad lives the life of the Troubadour taking his songs around the UK and Europe and makes a welcome return to Brighton.

And our opening act is Bad Billy Band. They are a folk rock band from Worthing who play thumping, toe tapping original music with a lively sound. Inspired by early folk rock legends of the '60s and '70s they formed in 2010 and have three albums done with a fourth on the way, promising a renewed sound once again.

Another intriguing and eclectic evening at the Real Music Club

Tickets available from Resident Records and We Got Tickets


21st October 2017

The Brunswick,1-3 Holland Road, Hove, East Sussex. BN3 1JF.

01273 730499