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August sees three Real Music Club debutantesGutterflower are a new local band that formed in 2015, swiftly pulled influences from early alternative acts like Mudhoney, Nirvana and the Pixies; creating a wild and furious blend of delicate arrangements mixed with a refreshing sense of simplicity that accompanies the grit of the grunge era..

We have long wanted to find an appropriate slot for Deviant Amps a 3-piece indie psychedelic rock band from Essex who have been building up a good live reputation over the last few years. They came together as a three piece in spring 2006. The current line up came together in September 2015 and are Paul "Woodbine" Woodwright on guitar and vocals, Gary 'Subs' Subassa (ex-Sentient/ex-Guruubu) on bass and Keith Chenery on drums.

The Organ Grinders Monkey Monkey is the brainchild of Brighton-based musician/producer Ben Garnett. Essentially a solo project masquerading as a duo, Ben provides guitar and vocals while his laptop/best friend "Bill" handles beats and FX. The resulting sound is an attempt to combine the glitchy stutter and madness of Bill's favourite electronic artists (Aphex Twin, Squarepusher) with the freewheeling maverick indie-rock of Ben's youth (Super Furry Animals, The Boo Radleys, Grandaddy). A shared love of 8-bit computer game sounds provides further inspiration for the pair..

Tickets available from Resident Records and We Got Tickets


27th Aug 2016

The Prince Albert,

48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, England.

01273 730499


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The Real Music Club

The 'Drones4Daevid' double CD - recorded live at the Real Music Club in February 2015 - is now available here and there is a video of some of the show highlights here. There will only be 200 copies of this and when they are gone that will be it. Get your copy now - what are you waiting for.........?

Tickets are available at Resident Records or We Got Tickets.

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