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Kicking off 2018's Real Music Club schedule we have the 7th Judge Trev memorial show featuring Nik Turner's New Space RitualNik Turner is known as a powerful creative force behind Hawkwind. His brand new outfit promises to weld together the veteran musician's wisdom and musical knowledge with a younger, more dynamic band that will explore Turner's musical history.

The SPACE RITUAL are Nik Turner (vocals, sax, flute), Mark Smart (drums), Stephen Jones (guitar), Gary Smart, [bass], Nigel Alien [DikMikator, Delatron, Tri-wave- Genitilaria), and the Fab Miss Angel (dance).

The current SPACE☆RITUAL was formed 2001, through the psychic need to unite the Tribes to power the Starship to new dimens inions of time, space and awareness, raising the spirits in harmony in brotherly love, reviving the lost magic, lost music, lost flames, one soul, one world, one source, one race, one love, be there or be square.

The band play modern spacey/ rocky/ jazzy/ dancey/ science/fictional/ fantasy/ spiritual , funky music, to heal and raise spirits, consciousness and awareness, promoting communication and good times, getting high, using multimedia sound/light/visual imagery to create extremely wild, whacky weirdness in mind boggling/blowing experience, each performance truly a happening.

The SPACE☆RITUAL have played many prestigious festivals in Britain and abroad including Glastonbury, Wickerman, Guilfest, Weyfest, and at many prestigious venues including Brixton Academy, London Astoria and many awesome appearances in the Outer Galaxies, various manifestations in the Milky Way and Xibalba and many others to ecstatic crowds of many faceted sentient beings.

Their recent album Otherworld (Esoteric Recordings, ECLEC2011) was received with acclamation, and they are currently in the studio recording a new album to be released later this year. Watch this space, we are not alone.

Supporting them, in florid style, we present Dubbal Described as "Positive vibration electronic reggae, dub and ambient, with live vocal."Band members are Kev Ellis (Trev and Kev, Bubbledubble, Dr Brown and many more), Andy Radburn ( Bubbledubble),Nick May (Whimwise), Alan Shaw (Heliotrope, Not On) and Grant Macnaughton, (Heliotrope, Not On). The latest CD from the band was recorded at Kozfest, 2016 has received rave reviews and the last few copies will be available to buy at the gig.

With also have a welcome reappearance for Dirty Scavenger who spent her late teenage years living on the streets, scavenging for food using music, & developing her vocal, guitar & song writing skills. Dirty Scavenger's music is dark, raw, and full of angst. Influenced by Jo's many life experiences and by some of the greatest rock bands of all time, she writes songs with dark melodic guitar riffs and deep and meaningful, soulful lyrics, and conveys them with precision on the guitar and powerful raw vocals. Described by many as mesmerizing to watch.

The show is opened by Gregg and Kev and very very guests (Judge Trev tribute set) Trev's old musical pals Gregg McKella and Kev Ellis are getting together again for a Trev inspired set of acoustic numbers. Aside of Inner City Unit, Judge Trev played with Kev as 'Trev & Kev' (with Gregg occasionally making up as the third member of this space country and doom folk duo). They will play tracks from Judge Trev's God & Man album and some Trev written ICU classics. They always invite some special guests who have included Dino Ferari, Martin Litmus, Steve Pond, Si Deards, the late great Mark Reiser, Matthew Wright and Kozmik Ken (with a buckets on their heads) and of course Nik Turner… Expect special guests and banter!



10th February 2018, 6pm

The Brunswick,1-3 Holland Road, Hove, East Sussex. BN3 1JF.

Tickets are available at Resident Records or The Brunswick.

or We Got Tickets.


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friends - to the show that never ends.... (and good on ya Greg) For those who don't already know, the Club started many moons ago with the slender crew of Honkin' Stu, myself and the late and very much lamented Judge Trev (I miss him every day that passes, who can I belly dance with now?). Slowly but surely new folk joined the crew - Tim Dowling, Greg McKella, Kath ...and most recently the very welcome Roy Weard, Nik Nimbus and Cliff Dowding. (I should also mention the help and support of Jaki Windmill, Captains Sensible, Stupidt and Barrington-White, Monty Oxymoron and also our fab cousins further West, Kev Ellis and the Portsmouth posse). We have seen some incredible shows over the years with acts both new and old, some of whom have gone on to MUCH greater fame - we will continue to provide entertainment and diversity, for where is the rock without the roll, the Be without the Bop? Stay tuned folks, RMC is back.... Venues old and new will shortly be hosting our brand of reality.... join us as we venture into the unknown, unthought of, and sometimes downright unbecoming.... cue demonic cackle noises........

Tim Rundall

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