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April's Real Music Club show will feature two returning acts. The trio that stunned us last year, Prescott are back with their brand new CD 'One Did'. The band features Kev Hopper (Stump / Ticklish), Rhodri Marsden (Scritti Politti) and Frank Byng (Snorkel / Cackle). This band rolls out a unique carpet of strange rhythms and harmonies.

Simon Beavis debuted his solo album A Short Stay In Longevity at the Real Music Club last year and here he is back with his band,In Cahoots, with their sweet sounds and individual songs they have delighted many gigs all over Sussex.

Opening Act are Breadevil Alt-country Folk Pop.


19th April 2014

The Prince Albert,48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, England.

01273 730499


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