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Deviant Amps are a three piece psychedelic rock band. They formed in 1983 from the ashes of Gdansk. They have been on a very long strange trip since then and it shows no sign of letting up. The journey continues.....

The band have played many festivals and events over the years and are continually expanding the songs and the set via improvisation and the introduction of guest players to the live set. Such expansions have included artists such as Dani Speakman, Steve Bemand, Andy Roger, Graham Clarke, Joie Hinton, Seaweed, Kev Ellis, Gregg McKella, Tyrone Thomas and Nik Turner.

Igloo are an atmospheric alternative rock band based in Brighton. With emotive vocals, hard hitting drums and bass that defines 'groove', the 3 piece achieves a truly refreshing and addictive sound. Think Radiohead meets Arctic Monkeys, catchy, ambient and defined!".

And our opening act are The Big Sky. They combine folk and indie with electronica to create symphonic songs and entrancing soundscapes.

"Progressing just like a river and then something like sunlight or mayflies dapple over the surface _ sublime" (inputforcolor)

Another Real Music Club smorgasbord.

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26th May 2018

The Prince Albert,48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, England.

01273 730499

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Saturday 26th May
Friday 22nd June
Saturday 28th July
Sunday 26th Aug

A Evening with Tim Hinkley (and maybe some Heroes)


Saturday 15th Sept

Special Extra Event in conjunction with The Prince Albert!


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Saturday 29th Sept

Saturday 20th Oct





Saturday 24th Nov





Shows You may have missed.....

Saturday 10th Feb

7th Judge Trev Memorial Show.

Nik Turner's New Space Ritual + Dubbal + Dirty Scavenger + Gregg and Kev

Tickets available at Resident Records and We Got Tickets.

Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Saturday 31st March
Saturday 28th April